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In Autumn 2003, Blue Man Group visited 38 US cities with their Complex Rock Tour Their performances feature three bald and blue characters and a multi sensory experience that combines theatre, percussive music, art and science into an original form of entertainment The Complex Rock Tour includes guest performances from Dave Matthews and also from Gavin Rossdale of Bush....

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Blue Man Group - The Complex Rock Tour Live Reviews

  • J. K. Weston
    2019-04-19 11:45

    I really like the Album version of The Complex, which I have on DVD-Audio. The music is infectious and the sound quality and surround sound are superb. I bought the DVD of the rock tour live version because I wanted to see more and looked forward to a different performance. The concert DVD is a lot of fun. But the sound quality is bad enough that watching it once is enough--I will go back to the DVD-Audio disc for future listening. The image quality is OK, decent DVD quality video of of a live performance, live to video. But I have to believe that the sound recording quality is a lot better than what is available on the DVD, which sounds like mp3--but then that is mostly what you get for DVD sound quality.

  • J.R.B.
    2019-04-01 10:45

    I really don't care what the other reviewers have said...but,(now it does take a moment),once the BMG,(Blue Man Group),performance gets started,IT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. They perform their songs,they do what they do, and,it's "kind of/sort of" like you are actually at one of their performances. Consider this... a ticket for a single person to buy and see the Blue Man Group costs approximately $80.00 for a cheap seat,(more if you want a decent seat),in Boston,MA. This gives you all of the thrills without the high ticket price,hopefully,you won't have to pay for the ride home. This is worth the price you have to pay. Update: November 29,2017: I've said this before,but,I'll say it again,"This is a great show !! You get all of the stuff,without all of the irritation. The BMG puts on a outstanding show and you,(as a viewer),get to enjoy it. Is there stuff that makes you say,"Well,I don't know." PERHAPS,but,that's just you. Overall,that might be just you,this is a show that doesn't cross lines and it doesn't offend anybody. It just shows STUFF that doesn't offend anybody,it just shows STUFF. It just shows STUFF,won't offend anybody,it just shows people ENJOYING THEMSELVES, and,hopefully,nobody should complain.

  • J. Hutchin
    2019-04-05 14:00

    If you've never seen the Blue Man Group you're in for an amazing experience. I've had this DVD for years and just recently purchased it again because my original got scratched up. My whole family watches this 4-5 times per year and we never tire of it. The sound quality is excellent, the creativity is off the charts and the music rocks! This is the one Blue Man Group DVD that you must have - I've bought others but they don't approach this one from a musical creativity standpoint. These guys are true artists in every sense of the word. It's hard to choose a favorite from all of the songs on this, but "The Current" hits on all cylinders: artistic presentation, lyrics & meaning, lighting, delivery ... everything. New viewers at our place will often argue with us about whether the stick figure guys that are lit up in some of the songs are computer animations or actual people. Watch closely and you'll see they're actual people - on stage anyway! When they climb the ladders back up from the "underground" they may in fact be something else. I must have watched this thing beginning to end about 30-35 times and always see something new. There's a great message that underscores the entire concept, but it's not political at all and leaves you feeling in awe about the creative potential of mankind.

  • Dr. Christopher Coleman
    2019-04-06 13:46

    Blue Man Group is (are?) pure amazing blend of theater, comedy, movement, music, sound, animation, and wild and weird musical instruments. The critic from Uruguay is wrong in his claim that it's not sophisticated. In his defense it is easy to get caught up in the novelty and comedy of the show and miss things--much like the audience members who shout out inappropriately at the end of "Exhibit 13"--a moving albeit not fully credited tribute to the victims of September 11. Sure, Blue Man Group can be enjoyed just for their wackiness and some good rock music played by a terrific band. But they are so much more than just grown-up Smurfs--the Complex Rock Tour is a real emotional voyage, and the Blue Men, for all their strangeness, are us. They're lost and perplexed in a complex (!) world, and as they make their way through it, they become exhilirated at their discoveries and take joy in their creativity. While much of the Blue Man Group's mischief in the regular shows is missing here--the Complex Rock Tour is exactly that, and omits most of the clowning--the Rock Tour seems to be more cohesive than the shows, and to me more emotionally satisfying.