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The drama Hernani tells the story of Do a Sol, the sun of Madrid, who is loved by Don Carlos, king of Spain, by the old duke, Ruy Gomez, and by Hernani, leader of the revolutionists, upon whose head a price is set Do a Sol loves only Hernani she receives him secretly at night in the house of her guardian, Ruy Gomez, to whom she is betrothed She proposes to flee with her lover before the marriage takes place She declares that she knows not whether he is her demon or her angel, but that she is his slave and will follow him wherever he goes The king, Don Carlos, who is concealed in a closet, hears this avowal, and appears At the moment when the two rivals cross their swords, Ruy Gomez enters the room He recognizes his sovereign, who spares Hermani, saying that he belongs to his suite ...

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Hernani Reviews

  • Jonathan Davidson
    2019-02-20 11:41

    It wasn't my favorite book, but it wasn't too much of a pain too read. Understanding the historical context, it did make me chuckle every time Hugo broke the unities XD It is certainly an important text in understanding the French Romantic era.

  • Bill R. Moore
    2019-02-13 14:46

    To English readers, Victor Hugo is known almost entirely for his great novels. However, he was also a dramatist - France's most important through much of the nineteenth century and the preeminent force in Romantic drama generally. His plays are still widely admired in France, and anyone who reads Hernani, his first major dramatic work, will see why. Debuting in 1830, it is early Hugo, but much of his greatness is here in near full force: possibly unequaled emotion portrayal, stirring suspense, bittersweet tragedy, high action, grandiloquent dialogue, etc. Anyone who loves these traits in Hugo's novels will enjoy them here. Though not as ambitious, complex, or original as his later prose work, this is a very fine drama that exemplifies Romantic plays and still stands up very well on its own. Those who have been through Hugo's best work and thirst for more would do well to seek out Hernani.

  • E. Thayer
    2019-02-16 13:37

    It's hard to tell from the item description, but this book contains Victor Hugo's "Hernandi" in the original French, along with an introduction and critical and explanatory notes in English. It was published as part of Heath's Modern Language Series.

  • Zilola Yuldasheva
    2019-01-29 09:45

    Hernani Nouveaux Classiques Larousse