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Philo Judeaus, a Hellenistic Jewish theologian living in the first century, exposed an ancient secret method for identifying and interpreting enigmas and parables written into Scripture In 2002, Gott and Licht recognized Philo s clues to enigmas embedded in Luke s Gospel and began testing the method on unresolved biblical questions Philo s Rules, when applied to religious texts, ancient historical narratives, and literary classics, reveal new and unexpected documentation about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and about their relationship with and to high ranking Jewish and Roman authorities....

Title : Following Philo: The Magdalene. The Virgin. The Men Called Jesus
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ISBN : 1934223069
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Publisher : Leonard Press December 1, 2015
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Following Philo: The Magdalene. The Virgin. The Men Called Jesus Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-11 10:46

    If you are interested in a contemporary analysis of the history of the Judeo-Christian tradition from the Nazarene perspective, this is the book for you. Now, not everybody enjoys a philological analysis of their traditions. But if you have an open-mind and like looking at history from a different perspective, this is a very well done analysis.

  • P. L. Pells
    2019-04-18 13:09

    This is an extraordinary book, unique in the field of bible interpretation and understanding in my opinion. It needs time to digest and get the gist of the methodology. For those who have gone into some depth, and I mean Hebrew not English, you may well know that the original parchments were written continuously, no/all capitals, no breaks between letters. Therefore other interpretation is possible from the original graphs, let alone all the proceeding translations. This book was a difficult read for me, partly because my relationshipal understanding is pretty poor anyway, in this the relationships and characters keep multiplying exponentially. But the good thing is that there is an end in sight. The characters (focusing mainly on the NT) are actually much fewer than commonly believed, because one person adopted, or is referred to, by several names, plus of course there are translation errors which add to the difficulty of sorting these relationships out out. Nevertheless progress is being made in Gott & Lichts’ new Philocentric method.

  • Judy McDonald
    2019-03-31 10:47

    The book was interesting.