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As Americas global war on terrorism continues, statistics concerning terrorist attacks show a disturbing trend from a twenty one year high in 2003, attacks tripled in 2004 and then doubled in 2005 And as the incidence of terrorist attacks increased, so has the number of terrorists While the primary leaders of the Taliban, al Qaeda, and al Qaeda in Iraq remain at large, a 2006 Department of Defense study reportedly identified thirty new al Qaedaaffiliated terrorist groups that have been created since September 11, 2001 We may not have metrics that measure our success in the war on terrorism, but these realities certainly illuminate our failures In Thinking Like a Terrorist, former FBI counterterrorism agent Mike German contends that the overarching problem is a fundamental failure to understand the terroristsnamely, what they want and how they intend to get it When our counterterrorism policies are driven by misunderstanding and misperception, we shouldnt be surprised at the results Todays terrorists have a real plana blueprint that has brought them victory in the pastthat they are executing to perfection over, their plan is published and available to anyone who bothers to read it Once the terrorists plan is understood, we can develop and implement effective counterterrorism strategies A former undercover agent who infiltrated neo Nazi terrorist groups in the United States, German explains the terrorists point of view and discusses ways to counter the terrorism threat Based on his unusual experience in the field, Thinking Like a Terrorist provides unique insights into why terrorism is such a persistent and difficult problem and why the U.S approach to counterterrorism isnt working....

Title : Thinking Like a Terrorist: Insights of a Former FBI Undercover Agent
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ISBN : 1597970263
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Publisher : Potomac Books January 1, 2008
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Thinking Like a Terrorist: Insights of a Former FBI Undercover Agent Reviews

  • maria de los remedios peregrina moreno
    2019-02-19 12:16

    I enjoyed the specific references to other books on ideologies. As a veteran, I know there are always ulterior motives, but never once thought that about the basic underpinnings of the extremist groups.

  • Malcolm E. Guidry
    2019-03-09 16:24

    Considering 9/11 and current events regarding Al-Qaeda, this book should be on everyone's nightstand.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-18 14:08

    For those of us who have lost our way and need some reminding of what we we're all about, Mr. German kindly reminds us. Osama bin Laden himself told us what he wanted in his jihad. He wanted to make us spend billions and entangle us in endless war. What happened after 9/11? And he's not the only one that has printed manifestos, many other terrorists have as well, and have said the same thing. So what are we doing? And why?

  • Allen D. Alloway
    2019-03-19 18:14

    Fascinating information about what makes a terrorist tick, from a man that spent a long time studying them!

  • Michael Boyle
    2019-03-10 18:08

    Recommended to anyone who is keen on digging deeper into the terrorist psyche with the intention of holding to our values

  • Mohanad
    2019-03-05 20:03

    loved it

  • Gregory J. Casteel
    2019-02-22 20:27

    I plan to use this text in any future courses I teach on terrorism, political violence, or even political psychology, since this book really helps you understand how terrorists think. The author, a former FBI Special Agent, learned about terrorism first hand, by infiltrating terrorist groups in order to obtain evidence to prosecute their members for various criminal acts. In order to infiltrate these groups, he had to put himself into a position where terrorists could recruit him and indoctrinate him into their way of thinking. Once on the inside, he lived as one of them -- attending their meetings, working with them, socializing with them, learning about their plans and their methods, and helping them to prepare for their terrorist operations (but arresting them before they were able to carry out those operations, of course). In the course of his undercover operations, he gained unique insights into what motivates terrorists: how they view the world, what they hope to accomplish, why they feel that they must resort to violence, how they justify attacks against innocent civilians, etc. By essentially becoming a terrorist, and associating closely with actual terrorists, he learned far more about terrorism than scholars or intelligence analysts could ever hope to learn by studying terrorism from a distance.