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What It Is To Be Me is an excellent snapshot into what Asperger s Syndrome is all about Written from the perspective of the author s son, Danny, a boy with Asperger s Syndrome, shares the ups, downs, and pride of being an Asperger kid Fully illustrated, this book is insightful and entertaining for both children and adults alike....

Title : What It Is to Be Me!: An Asperger Kid Book
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ISBN : 1593521995
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Fairdale Publishing November 1, 2005
Number of Pages : 18 pages
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What It Is to Be Me!: An Asperger Kid Book Reviews

  • Sara Petersen
    2019-04-10 09:08

    This book helped my daughter understand WHY she was different than her classmates, and to figure out that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. I just wish the book was a little longer. It is a short book, only about a dozen pages long, but it did open a conversation that we had been needing to have. It was kind of amusing, in a heart-wrenching way, to see her defiantly declare on seeing the book, "I'm not Asperger's!", then on almost every single page, say softly, "Oh....I do that." By the end, she realized that yes, she WAS autistic, but it didn't have to be a bad thing, just different, and this book reinforces that idea. The last page says, "But Asperger's is what makes me....ME!!!"

  • yogagal
    2019-04-21 07:46

    This is a lovely book that I looked at for a long time while deciding how and when to talk with my son about Asperger's. My review for the book is 5 stars, though just wanted to share that he is 9 years old (and not the most voracious or fluent reader), though he felt this was a book for "babies." It is quite simple and clear, which I thought would be a good starting point since it's NOT too detailed, though seems that it struck him as a book for younger children. While each child is different, I chose this book to help broach the subject because his issues align very closely with how Asperger's is presented here, and based on others' experiences, I thought this would help him feel connected and comforted. Not so - but not due to the book itself. He rejected the idea of Asperger's and refuses to look at the book. I do recommend this for those with younger children, however, and have heard from others that these conversations usually bring much comfort to a child who is dealing with the social, academic, and home life issues of Aspergers.

  • Margaret Bolger
    2019-04-06 09:39

    My son's eyes just sparkled when he read this book. He could relate to "how he interprets" the world through the examples given. One of his favorite examples is the cartoon picture showing a person saying "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse" and the Asperger character imagining the persons mouth wide open with a horse head coming out of it. He interprets things literally and couldn't believe that someone "gets it". It made him feel less alone and was excited to know that others thought like he did.

  • Kristin Fahey
    2019-04-18 12:04

    Cute, simple and SO true! We recently decided to talk to our daughter about Asperger's. She is almost 7 and is entering first grade next week. She was diagnosed at the age of 4 but we had just never talked about it with Kindergarten she was in the gifted program as well as a social skills class (both of which she was the only Kindergartener) so she knows she is different from her peers but we had never given that "difference" a name. We decided it was the right time to start talking about it....she has too younger brothers so I was hoping this book would be not only good for our daughter but for our boys as well so they could understand her quirks a little better. Very happy with this book. She found it really relatable...pretty much every page she was nodding in agreement. I purchase another book to go with it (titled "Can I tell you about Asperger's") because I wanted something with a little more info to satisfy her inquisitive mind -- if you have an Aspie kid you know what I mean ;) The two books together were just what I was looking for! Hope my review is helpful...and sending love and prayers to all my fellow Asperger mama's out there :)

  • Sharon Barber
    2019-04-16 08:02

    When I first introduced Aspergers to my son I used this book. It has helped him understand that he isn't a bad kid, he has Aspergers. He related to the kid in the book and talk more about how he feels in certain situations. It helps so much with his ABA therapists. It's easier to make a treatment plan. We shared this book with his class and teachers. I highly recommend this book when you decide to explain this condition to your child. Or even an adult that doesn't understand what your child is dealing with.

  • Tiana
    2019-03-28 13:58

    This was a great book for our 7 year old son. Around 3 months ago he started becoming overwhelmingly sad and telling me he was 'bad'. Heartbreaking for all of us. We knew it was time. This book was perfect for us as we have always framed ourselves and others as all having differences, including super hearing, super smell and super taste - so the reference to hearing like a superhero was wonderful! I wanted a book that was funny and inclusive, without being too in your face. There are only a few references to aspergers (the first 2 pages and again near the end). To be honest the first time we read it, I read it without including those lines, then once he was comfortable with the content we started adding it in. We paired it with 'All of my stripes'. He spent the next four days pouring over the pages of both books. It has been the start of a great, ongoing conversation. I knew that sharing the diagnosis was going to be unpredictable, however it went the best we could have hoped for. This book was perfect for us.

  • Shari
    2019-04-20 05:54

    I bought this book for my 11 year Aspie son after having seen that it had received 4.5/5 stars by reviewers. Nowhere does it say in the book description or in any of the reviews that the book is just THIRTEEN pages long. I'm very disappointed. The book is very simplistic, does not serve much of a purpose if you ask me. I am sending the book back.

  • inthebag
    2019-04-23 11:01

    This book helped me understand better the issues my young granddaughter has to deal with on a daily basis. I am now more compassionate and empathetic with her behavior now that I realize that she does not really want to behave the way she does sometimes. She is working hard on her "come apart" episodes since she also understands more about why she responds to stressful situations. Being on the "spectrum" is terribly difficult for the child and everyone who loves them. We can use all the understanding we can get!