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In Liquid Soapmaking you will find clear explanations accompanied by full color photography, tables and charts illustrating how to a Successfully create sparkling clear soaps quickly and easily every time b Formulate liquid soap so you never have to dissolve a stubborn soap paste again c Make the most luxuriously thick shower gels ever d Color, fragrance and thicken your liquid soap e Add nutritive value with herbal extracts and infusions f Extend the shelf life and stability of your soap g Formulate your own recipes....

Title : Liquid Soapmaking: Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Creating All Manner of Liquid and Soft Soap Naturally!
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ISBN : 0990311503
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Jackie Thompson November 4, 2014
Number of Pages : 228 pages
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Liquid Soapmaking: Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Creating All Manner of Liquid and Soft Soap Naturally! Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-08 02:51

    I am a cold process soap maker by heart and I had been wanting to try my hand at liquid soap. Most of the liquid soap books I had read made the process seem so complicated. This book is an easy read, very clear and easy to follow. I love the recipes in the book. The book details a paste method, no paste method and gel method. The no paste liquid soap method is my favorite. If you want to try to make liquid soap and have felt frustrated by other books (like me), I highly recommend this book.

  • commonsense
    2019-01-27 00:34

    This is a great book. I read it from cover to cover before I decided to give the laundry and dish washing liquid recipe a try. I was unclear about the dilution procedure for the no paste method so after I couldn't figure it out I got Jackie's email address from some of the comments she had made to the reviews here and emailed her. Within the hour she had emailed me back and clarified the procedure for me. Also, as I was cooking the paste using the no paste method (I was cooking it on top of the stove, don't do that) it got this thick foam on top and I couldn't get rid of it. I emailed Jackie about it and she helped me with that too. Her help was invaluable.This book is a great companion to Failor's book. Truthfully it is more valuable to me because I do NOT like making the paste for liquid soap. Once I get over the learning curve and get more comfortable with the no paste method I will be making everything recipe in this book. Thanks again Jackie for you help. It saved my paste!

  • Paige
    2019-02-16 00:56

    This book is excellent if you want to learn how to make liquid soap. I was already doing cold process bar soaps, but I love a good liquid soap and wanted to learn the ropes to do it myself. She offers up detailed instructions, both paste and no-paste, and many good recipes to get you started. So far I have made a shampoo and a hand soap - both of which my family adores.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-18 00:52

    I have wanted to make liquid soap for quite a while but was afraid of online recipes. This book is very well written and easy to understand. The recipes turn out beautiful. It's so nice to be able to find a source of information that you can trust to be safe, written by a knowledgeable soap maker. I look forward to any other publications by Jackie Thompson.

  • onef
    2019-02-06 22:46

    This book does a wonderful job of explaining why the chemical process for KOH soap making is different; she makes sure to emphasize that a 'neutral' or balanced soap is not pH neutral 7, but merely a completed chemical reaction with no leftover lye or excess fat. If you need to understand why something works before you can accurately follow a recipe, this is the book for you. I do wish that she would cover paste and liquid soaps that aren't clear, though; she definitely values a transparent liquid soap, and really doesn't cover traditional liquid soap making (for example, old Appalachian methods) at all. I'd hoped to find more about using potash with late, or tallow, and goat or sheep milk, in this book. If she had ventured further into historical methods and how to include them in modern small batch homemade soap making (after all, that's a lot of the interest for most small crafters), it would make this book perfect. As it is, the book is still excellent; I recommend it, whether you're new to soap making or just new to potassium hydroxide soaps.

  • Josh
    2019-02-21 22:58

    I thought I knew a fair amount about liquid soaps, yet this book has deepened my understanding. Having said that, while this book covers a variety of topics it is not detailed enough in many areas and it has failed to mention quite a few common tricks. For example, the books only mentions Methyl Cellulose as a thickening agent, and it only mentions one branded pearlizing agent - when there are more options and methods you could use to thicken and pearlize. And the book also doesn't have enough information nor is it detailed enough on product Shelf-Life and Stability.

  • Anne L. Watson
    2019-02-20 00:31

    Better than any other liquid soapmaking book or instructions I've seen.

  • Mandy
    2019-02-19 20:50

    This book is very informative I learned a lot. I only wish it included hair conditioner recipes but not all soapmakers make conditioner. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. I bought this used but it arrived in amazing like new condition very satisfied customer.