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A timely revisitation of renowned urbanist activist Jane Jacobs lifework, What We See invites thirty pundits and practitioners across fields to refresh Jacobs economic, social and urban planning theories for the present day Combining personal and professional observations with meditations on Jacobs insights, essayists bring their diverse experience to bear to sketch the blueprints for the living city The book models itself after Jacobs collaborative approach to city and community building, asking community members and niche specialists to share their knowledge with a broader community, to work together toward a common goal of building the 21st century city The resulting collection of original essays expounds and expands Jacobs ideas on the qualities of a vibrant, robust urban area It offers the generalist, the activist, and the urban planner practical examples of the benefits of planning that encourages community participation, pedestrianism, diversity, environmental responsibility, and self sufficiency Bob Sirman, director of the Canada Council for the Arts, describes how built form should be an embodiment of a community narrative Daniel Kemmis, former Mayor of Missoula, shares an imagined dialog with Jacobs, discussing the delicate interconnection between cities and their surrounding rural areas And Roberta Brandes Gratz urban critic, author, and former head of Public Policy of the New York State Preservation League asserts the importance of architectural preservation to environmentally sound urban planning practices What We See asks us all to join the conversation about next steps for shaping socially just, environmentally friendly, and economically prosperous urban communities....

Title : What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs
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ISBN : 098155931X
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Language : English
Publisher : New Village Press 1 edition May 15, 2010
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What We See: Advancing the Observations of Jane Jacobs Reviews

  • Michael Lewyn
    2019-03-05 18:54

    This book is a collection of essays based loosely on the work of Jane Jacobs (most known for her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities, although she wrote numerous other books). Many of the essays are quite unimpressive, stringing together clich├ęs or telling me what I already knew.

  • Robert G Yokoyama
    2019-02-17 19:14

    What We See is a fascinating book about how the life and work of Jane Jacobs influenced the lives of so many people from different fields such as science, architecture and politics. There is a lot of information in this book. It should be read slowly to truly reflect and learn something from it. There is a study guide at the end of the book. The study guide questions should be at the end of every chapter. This would make the information easier to reflect on and remember.

  • Michael Wells
    2019-03-15 16:05

    "You can observe a lot just by looking" opined New York philosopher Yogi Berra. Starting with its title, this collection of essays again and again comes back to the source of Jane Jacobs genius - really seeing by looking around her without preconceptions, then thinking deeply about what she saw. Starting with her classic Death & Life of Great American Cities, Jacobs transformed urban thinking by building theories around the concrete, not the abstract.