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This is a special education childrens picture books that introduces autism When an autistic child joins a mainstream school, many children can find it difficult to understand and cope with a student that is somewhat different to them This story encourages other children to be mindful and patient of the differences that exist and to also appreciate the positive contribution that an autistic child can make to the group See at...

Title : A Friend Like Simon - Autism/ASD (Moonbeam childrens book award winner 2009) - Special Stories Series 2 (Volume 1)
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ISBN : 0956175120
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Special Stories Publishing 1st edition September 23, 2009
Number of Pages : 28 pages
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A Friend Like Simon - Autism/ASD (Moonbeam childrens book award winner 2009) - Special Stories Series 2 (Volume 1) Reviews

  • Macy McArthur
    2019-04-21 12:41

    I hesitated to buy this based on all of the reviews about the "Horrible Hettie" character. I'll get to that at the end of my review, but first of all I really liked this! I thought this was great at showing a neurotypical child's process of being introduced to someone with autism for the first time, being honest about not understanding his differences/hesitant to befriend him, then to growing comfortable and realizing his autism is just a normal part of Simon. Not many books I've tried have this part of the story included (not understanding someone's differences and being reluctant to be friends with them). But this is a very natural reaction, to be afraid of things we don't understand. This is a teachable moment! I think it's great that this book's narrator was honest about that, and then continued to show that he moved onto easily accepting Simon because he realized autism is no big deal. I didn't hear any "I learned he has autism BUT we can still be friends" type of terminology, which I'm grateful for! I'm excited to read this to my students and start discussions about autism and other differences in our classroom.

  • Jvie
    2019-03-28 11:51

    I like how they described Simon. However I do not like that they had the "Horrible Hettie" character. It doesn't make sense to teach students to include those with disabilities and then discriminate against another student. I am a special education teacher and I see many students like "Horrible Hettie" that have a very hard time as well. It would have been even better if they were helping her as well.

  • Felicia H Wood
    2019-03-26 13:03

    Such a cute and well written book. I've used it as a school counselor to go into a class with a kiddo that has Autism and used it to help his peers understand him better. I appreciate this book and will be using it as a resource over and over.

  • Jackie Powers
    2019-03-27 11:57

    I got this for my son's Cub Scout Pack to explain to them why my son is the way he is. I did not feel this added anything to the conversation. I found there were better books out there like My Friend with Autism or The Autism Acceptance Book.

  • lindsay ballard
    2019-04-15 11:06

    I bought this to read to my son's Kindergarten class, but after reading it I decided it was the opposite of inclusive. there is a character called horrible Hettie (Hattie?) that is mean in the book. at the end of the story all the children include Simon but exclude her. I'm not sure how you encourage kids to include everyone but champion leaving out someone else, even though she was not nice. We ended up reading a different book that focused on more positive things.

  • plmbzmom
    2019-03-29 12:54

    What's it like to have a friend with Autism? A wonderful book that helps children understand Autism and it helps the Autistic child learn about themself.

  • Milojane
    2019-04-18 11:53

    I read this to my austic son's class every fall (K and 1st grade so far). Its a great introduction for kids who know someone with autism, but might not know how to befriend them. Love it! My son has been embraced by his class every year and I think this helped start things off right.

  • Bill H.
    2019-04-05 05:40