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Hey, would you like to make a suggestion With that simple question and an enormous white suggestion box, the New York Citybased collaborative Illegal Art canvassed the five boroughs, collecting suggestions from passersby of every stripethe young, the old, the filthy rich, the homeless, the mouthy, and the shy Love each other or perish Take breath mints when offered Give me a break In true New York style, the suggestions are by turns hilarious, nonsensical, angering, and heartwarming Some people held the suggestion box prisoner while they wrote suggestion after suggestion others ignored the box, but then came scrambling back with a sudden idea One woman scribbled as she walked down Wall Street More time in the day One man in Harlem, when asked if he would like to make a suggestion, said, Isn t it obvious World peace Or at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, a woman sadly wrote her misspelled suggestion and then held it up for all to read Never brake up with someone on a bridge With over 350 entries and 50 photos of the suggestion box in action, Suggestion is authentic, honest, and totally appealinga testiment to the the public s innermost desire, whether it s free beer, free daycare, or free pumpkin pie every Thursday....

Title : Suggestion
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ISBN : 0811847497
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Chronicle Books August 31, 2005
Number of Pages : 416 pages
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Suggestion Reviews

  • tcorley
    2019-02-26 17:16

    I ordered this book for senior quote ideas. The only "issue" I had was that there was a large crease in the cover of the book, as well as small written initials on the front. When I purchased the book, the condition did not say new, so I knew what I was getting! Great seller, and super-fast delivery.

  • Molly Fisk
    2019-03-17 12:21

    I LOVE this book! I want everyone to read it, including Congress; I want to go out with my own box and get suggestions; I want to move to NY and join Illegal Art; I want to hear a suggestion from every single person in America. This book is the basis of democracy - everyone has a chance to speak, even the person who crossed out what s/he said and then put it in the box anyway. The Wall St. section is not given more play than the subway ride to Yankee Stadium. Wealthy white males are not over-represented. People say absolutely ridiculous things, and profound, moving things, and idiotic things. There's a feeling of truth in the book that is enormously powerful for me. Maybe because contributors were allowed their anonymity. But in seeing their handwriting (suggestions were reproduced directly, not transcribed), and what they say, I got such a feeling of humanity! It made me happy to be an American, which very few things do these days. Suggestion somehow gets under all the hype and dross and grandstanding and gives us a taste of ordinary freedom. I think this book can change the world.

  • Laurellz
    2019-02-20 18:01

    This book leaks out pure amazingness. The editors spared no one's beliefs, thoughts, or feelings while compiling this book-- and that's a good thing. Along with the funny things (i.e. "I suggest you give me the box"), there's whimsical advice, heartfelt thoughts, religious and political suggestions or observations, and truly thought provoking statements.

  • Sam Hunter
    2019-03-11 19:22

    I'm a huge fan of art projects that encourage public interaction, and especially of works that use words - so I think this is great. The book is a thought provoking read - you get to see what other people are thinking; you get to think about if you agree; and you get to think about the suggestions you'd like to make. Good job Illegal Art folks... Bravo!

  • Nancy Dionne
    2019-03-10 16:04

    This book is a great collection of what those around you might be thinking at the time.

  • Muts Nuts
    2019-02-19 17:02

    Very few art books make you open your mind and think like this one does; yes there are some expected suggestions but there are also some really weird no-one-person-could-make-this-stuff-up suggestions. There is a breadth, scope, emotion and imagination that couldn't come from fiction or conventional art. It really makes you think, laugh and wonder. A truly inspiring book, that is really good for angry New Yorkers, but I think the ideas will resonate wherever you are in the world.

  • Michael M. Connolly
    2019-03-10 13:12

    Thank you Illegal Art for giving voice to the people of New York City and beyond. The Suggestion Box is not only a mobile polling machine that

  • Susanna Wilson
    2019-03-07 19:17

    Oh, how this brought back my wonderful impressions of New York and New Yorkers. I bought several copies for gifts to send to my old NY friends and neighbors.