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Avenue of the Americas 2W 3M Comedy 50 minutes A woman on the lam from a New Jersey mental institution becomes the queen of Madison Avenue as her ad campaigns are wildly popular Still, her commercials wreak havoc with her boss, the Catholic Church, and certain cat owners Avenue of the Americas is a dark, comic ride that asks how far would you go to have it all Driving Green 1W 1M Comedy 10 minutes A politically opposite married couple tries to survive going green and a morning commute Read My Lips 5W 2M Comedy 30 minutes A play with dance in which a young man comes to terms with the loss of the grandmother that raised him These three plays can be performed individually or together for a full evening of theatre....

Title : Avenue of the Americas: Three One-Act Comedies
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ISBN : 0578198916
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : American Ensemble Books January 6, 2018
Number of Pages : 118 pages
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Avenue of the Americas: Three One-Act Comedies Reviews

  • Alan Watt
    2019-01-24 02:52

    A friend of mine recommended that I pick up Martin Blank's one-act plays, and now I know why. Blank writes great dialogue and his plays deliver a gut punch. These short plays read like a cross between Mamet, Paddy Chayefsky and Christopher Durang. The first play in the series is Avenue of the Americas, about a woman in a mental hospital who believes that she is an advertising executive. It is a brilliant sendup on how indoctrinated we all are by television advertising and marketing in general. Blank keeps you laughing until you realize that what he's saying is actually deathly serious and profound. The second piece is a very funny 10-minute play called Driving Green and is about a yuppie politically correct couple who are struggling with what it means to do the right thing in buying a car. The final piece, Read My Lips is eerie, funny and very trippy. It's about a relationship between two late-twenty somethings and explores questions of guilt, sex, life and death...and whether or not kosher cookies are poison. For actors, there is no shortage of scenes to pick from for acting class and auditions. Highly recommended!!

  • Howard D. Baker
    2019-01-22 22:25

    In this delightful trio of short plays, Martin Blank ‘s imaginative characters deliver sharp wit, pointed truths and plenty of heart. The first, “Avenue of the Americas,” rips into consumerism and Madison Avenue’s proliferation of same, via an escaped mental patient who converses mostly in commercial phrases and rises to the top of the advertising world. She’s fruitcake nutty but the agency power brokers choose to ignore that fact because she’s just what their cult is looking for. Hilarious. Then there’s “Driving Green.” A married couple is driving to work and arguing about the impact of their environmental “footprint.” He says, “When I’m late to work-yet again- I’ll have to park blocks from work. I hate this hybrid. It cramps my legs.” She responds, “A small price for driving green.” It’s not an atypical disagreement of the sort, but it ends with a quick and funny, LOL surprise. Finally, “Read My Lips” begins with something totally unexpected, but quite fun, and then evolves into a surreal, romantic exchange, complete with dancing alter egos brandishing flashlights. The characters’ true thoughts clash with their spoken ones as their conversation skews from what it’s like to live over a sex shop, to the troubled life of Dorothy Parker. If you’re associated with a theater community, these plays are a real gift; easy to stage and bound to please. If you’re not involved with theater, it doesn’t matter. Reading these gems will keep you in thoughtful stitches. Get them.

  • Jennifer Speerstra
    2019-01-27 21:43

    I really enjoyed Martin Blank's Avenue of the Americas! As an actor, it was especially nice to read well written roles for women in these unique tales.

  • LCA
    2019-02-22 18:45

    I came upon this book of plays when searching for a new monologue for an upcoming audition. As an actor, it is not hard to identify well-written, tight plays with strong characters. My favorites are a little dark—comedies that deliver a message that makes the audience laugh, but leaves them plenty to think and talk about after the show. This set of short plays delivers on all counts. I especially liked “Driving Green,” and would love to perform the quick, thought-provoking banter with a strong scene partner. Great material which would be easy to produce.

  • Steve Lebens
    2019-02-17 21:25

    Avenue of the Americas is a collection of three fun, charming, funny and imaginative one-act plays that I hope are produced again, and soon. Blank has the ability to take us into the characters and the situations of the plays quickly and then take us along for an interesting and enjoyable ride. The title play is a bit reminiscent of Jerzi Kosinski’s Being There in telling the story of a lovable naïf who convinces everyone around her that she’s a genius. It holds a great mirror up for us on society’s pretentions. Driving Green has that solid structure and wit that I enjoyed in many of the sketch comedies on the Carol Burnett Show. But Read My Lips is for me the most intriguing and creative of the three. It mixes our inner thoughts with the outer selves that we present to the world. In the end, I can only offer my opinion as a professional actor – I would jump at the chance to take on many of the roles in these plays.

  • Cas
    2019-02-10 20:22

    I really enjoyed reading this collection of plays. These are definitely are dark comedies. The author effectively uses the text. It is sparse, yet well crafted - and gives just the right amount of dialogue to keep the plot moving. Also, I love the various plot twists and re-incorporation. It keeps the reader (or viewer) interested. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a series of short plays to produce - either as standalone pieces or a collection.