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In London, Indiana Jones is called to an emergency meeting Mysterious sky craft have been ravaging the shipping lanes, making off with a fortune in diamonds, bonds, and raw materials Unable to detect how the craft are powered, experts have come up with a frightening hypothesisinvolving the use of psychokinetic levitation.To get to the truth, Indy must search through a labyrinth of archaeological information reaching back four thousand years But as he and his team move from Africa to Tibet to the American Southwest, they discover something even astounding A clandestine organization is fast becoming an evil, world dominating powerand the only way to stop it is in a high tech, no holds barred battle on land and in the air...

Title : Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates
Author :
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ISBN : 0553561928
Format Type : Massmarketpaperback
Language : English
Publisher : Bantam Bantam Reissue ed edition November 1, 1993
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates Reviews

  • Archer33
    2019-02-16 19:40

    Worst Indy book I've read, if it had been by first it would have also been my last.

  • paulusmc
    2019-02-04 20:28

    Glad amazon had this item in stock I will be going on another adventure with Indiana Jones and see who he meets and how he is able to get back home.

  • r.wade
    2019-01-29 00:42

    This is the last of the Indiana Jones Books I have read( I have now read all the books by MacGregor, McCoy, and Caidin. I have also read the Media books "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Temple of Doom", and "Last Crusade")

  • M. Walker
    2019-01-27 21:42

    I'm struggling to make it through this book, although I liked the other novels in the Indiana Jones series. This book doesn't seem to actually be about Indiana Jones; It's almost like it's about "James Bond's archeologist cousin" or someone like that. It is very atypical of Indiana's adventures, and the character just doesn't seem to be remotely like the one in the movies.

  • S3
    2019-01-30 18:45

    This book is one of the worse Indiana Jones books ever!....Indy is not a G-man or the leader of some elite strike force...He is an adventurer who is in search of archeology. In general buy the other books and stay away from this one

  • Wicked_Smaht
    2019-02-14 02:31

    If you ever wanted to read a flight manual for a Ford Trimotor, here's your chance. In fact, this book shouldn't be called "Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates", it should be called "The Amazing Ford Trimotor and the People Who Fly It" because it's a sad state of affairs when Indy is only guest-starring in his own book and is playing second fiddle to an airplane.