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It s the end of the 21st century where technocrats rule and robots take care of humans every need Your house watches you, knows your secrets, and talks to you And your closest friend can bea machine Gavin Bell and his teenage sister Fleur come from a middle class family Their much loved, old fashioned robot, Grumps, is running down and cant be repaired, so a scientist friend loans them EGR3, an experimental new robot to help Grumps EGR3, known as Eager, learns from his experiences, as a child would He feels emotionswonder, excitement, and loss When the ultra high tech, eerily human BDC4 robots begin to behave suspiciously, Eager and the Bells are drawn into a great adventure that is sometimes dark and often humorous As Eagers extraordinary abilities are tested to the limit, he will try to find the answer to this question What does it mean to be alive From the Hardcover edition....

Title : Eager
Author :
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ISBN : 0553487957
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Yearling Reissue edition January 24, 2006
Number of Pages : 288 pages
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Eager Reviews

  • Gregory Jepsen
    2019-02-17 11:22

    I bought the book for my granddaughter. She read it and did a book report on it. She says that it's a truly enjoyable book to read and do a book report on.

  • Donna L. Bresnick
    2019-02-22 07:37

    I bought this book for my classroom. It's just what I wanted. Ordering from Amazon was quick and easy as was the delivery. My students love the story. It's Science Fiction and is keeping their attention. There is meat to the story and the reading level is excellent.

  • cjs
    2019-02-18 11:34

    I bought this book for my child. She absolutely loved it!! I purchased it "used" there wasn't a scratch on it. Great condition!!

  • Will B.
    2019-02-16 07:34

    Sister needed this book for class for some reason. She got an A on the assignment, so I guess she liked the book.

  • BuddAndy
    2019-01-26 15:23

    Eager is an easy reading novel, suitable for young adults, with issues tha we can can all sink our teeth into. Rights of the individual, responsibilities of corporations, technology in our daily lives, the possible subjects are unlimited. Enjoy and happy thinking/discussing.

  • Joey Zofkie
    2019-02-23 14:38

    It was a great book although it was a little hard to keep track of the data or something like that that's hard to explain. Like what the heck I sounded like a robot seriously that was a really retarded way to put it. So ya.

  • Subhajit
    2019-02-20 14:26

    Book is good.but,gift has not been packed as gift item but I have ordered as gift product

  • TeacherReader
    2019-02-07 11:30

    In this future world, robots are ubiquitous. Even your house talks to you. Gavin and Fleur may come from a middle class family, but even they have a family robot. But Eager is not like any other robot - he can think for himself and even has feelings. As Eager tries to understand the human world around him, Gavin and Fleur notice that the new ultra high-tech BDC4 robots are acting suspiciously. Now Gavin, Fleur, and Eager are drawn into a menacing world where robots and humans may not be as compatible as they once believed.