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Clara Luna s name means clear moon in Spanish But lately, her head has felt anything but clear One day a letter comes from Mexico, written in Spanish Dear Clara, We invite you to our house for the summer We will wait for you on the day of the full moon, in June, at the Oaxaca airport Love, your grandparents Fourteen year old Clara has never met her father s parents She knows he snuck over the border from Mexico as a teenager, but beyond that, she knows almost nothing about his childhood When she agrees to go, she s stunned by her grandparents life they live in simple shacks in the mountains of southern Mexico, where most people speak not only Spanish, but an indigenous language, Mixteco.The village of Yucuyoo holds other surprises, too like the spirit waterfall, which is heard but never seen And Pedro, an intriguing young goatherder who wants to help Clara find the waterfall Hearing her grandmothers adventurous tales of growing up as a healer awakens Clara to the magic in Yucuyoo, and in her own soul What The Moon Saw is an enchanting story of discovering your true self in the most unexpected place....

Title : What the Moon Saw
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ISBN : 0385733437
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Delacorte Books for Young Readers September 12, 2006
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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What the Moon Saw Reviews

  • RTD
    2019-02-22 19:27

    A friend mentioned this book because I'm going to Oaxaca, Mexico soon. She told me it was for young adults, "but." I found it totally charming and very informative. The State of Oaxaca is rich in cultural diversity, peoples who've kept their pre-Columbian way of life. This book did an excellent job of showing one of these cultures very clearly from the eyes of an American. It also gave lush descriptions of the mountain landscape as well as Oaxaca City (several decades ago). It is well written, with a well-paced and exciting narrative and lovable characters portrayed in depth.

  • E. Neal
    2019-02-15 21:25

    A young girl from a US suburb travels to visit her grandparents in Mexico and experiences the enchantments of a different culture.

  • Elle Mel
    2019-01-24 01:39

    Excellent book! My whole book club loved it :)

  • Christoph64
    2019-02-07 19:32

    My 14 y/o daughter got this as a present a while back and then gave it to me, her dad, to read. It is a very enjoyable and moving book that has both elements of fantasy and reality. I was thinking while I read it that hopefully someone would make a movie of this story. I recommend it for anyone age 12-120.

  • Vamos a Leer
    2019-02-01 21:25

    I first read What the Moon Saw two summers ago and absolutely loved it. It’s such a sweet story. It doesn’t have the harshness or grittiness like some of the books we’ve reviewed for Vamos a Leer. It won’t break your heart the way Aristotle and Dante Discover the Universe does. Yet, it’s a beautifully written and moving read. I couldn’t put it down.

  • Rebecca Dashevsky
    2019-02-20 18:47

    There are few things I enjoy more than beautifully written, engaging, and inspiring Young Adult books that are truly for all ages! I recently read two I adored by master storyteller Laura Resau: “The Lightning Queen” and “What the Moon Saw.” Both are set partly in Mexico and are filled with the same magic, beauty, and spirit that I feel when I'm there. I’m reading a third book by Laura now, “Red Glass," and it, too, is healing and life-affirming, and written with a simple grace. All three of these books offer mystery, romance, and adventure, and are imbued with a natural spirituality. They are also very exciting and full of life!

  • Laura Guerard
    2019-02-03 21:46

    I have now read 5 of Laura Resau's books and What the Moon Saw beautifully lives up to my high expectations based on my reading experiences with the other 4! (Queen of Water, Notebook Trilogy) Clara Luna, Doña Three-teeth, Pedro and the other characters are as highly developed and believable as the beautiful "fictional" people in Laura Resau's other novels. This stirring novel is perfect for all ages and is a completely different reading experience from the 3 Notebook novels, which I adore. Each of her novels leaves me hungry for more! Despite realistic hardships and social issues, her novels end on a generally positive note and will leave you feeling good about life. Read this with someone you love!

  • Marion the Librarian
    2019-02-17 19:35

    Clara Luna is the fourteen year-old daughter of a Mexican father and an American mother. She feels restless in her life when suddenly she receives a letter from her Abuelita in Yucutoo, Oaxaca, Mexico, inviting her to spend the summer with her Mexican grandparents whom she has never met. Her father has not seen his parents since he left twenty years ago. Clara decides to go and although she has no idea how diverse their indigenous culture is compared to her own, she has a wonderful summer learning about this different way of life, and about Abuelita Helena's life in particular. This is a rare story in depth and insight, sure to make coming-of-age readers feel exceptionally good about their heritage and about getting to know their forebears, be they Hispanic or otherwise. Helena's story is simply enthralling, and Clara has inklings of inheriting her abuelita's gifts of clarity. A Spanish/English glossary and a Mixteco/English glossary both with pronunciation guides is welcome. The climax of the book is somewhat disappointing in its language and description, as if the author had a sudden deadline to meet and didn't have time to weave the intricate magic that was so prevalent throughout this book. That not withstanding, you'll not want this story to be over.