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One of historys most notorious assassinations sets the stage for a riveting tale of political intrigue, epic battle, and righteous retribution in a new novel of ancient Rome from 1 New York Times bestselling author Conn Iggulden THE BLOOD OF GODS Julius Caesar has been cut down His blood stains the hands of a cabal of bold conspirators, led by famed general Marcus Brutuswhom Caesar once called a friend Have these self proclaimed liberators bravely slain a power mad tyrant or brutally murdered the beloved Father of Rome Hailed as heroes by a complicit Senate and granted amnesty, the killers eagerly turn toward plotting the empires future under their control But Caesars death does not rest easily with all of Rome For two men whose bonds of friendship, family, and fidelity to the emperor are unbreakable, the shocking assassination is nothing less than treason And those responsible must pay with their lives Through countless battles and years of peace, Marc Antony has wielded a sword and raised a cup at Caesars side Now, in the wake of the cold blooded coup, he is powerless against the political might of Brutus and his treacherous senators Yet with no weapons other than eloquence and outrage, Antony will turn the tide of public opinion and spark a rebellion that will set the streets of Rome ablaze At the same time, Gaius Octavian, adopted son and chosen heir of Caesar, has gained wealth and influence beyond imagining But the soul deep wound of his fathers death will never be healed by gold or power He will rest only with the blood of the killers on his blade Drawn together by their common cause, Antony and Octavian marshal their forces into an avenging army on a mission to reunite all that Caesars fall has torn asunder Even as his cohorts flee for their livesor fall prey to vigilantesa defiant Brutus vows never to relinquish what his ruthless ambition has won him As opposing legions join in mortal combat, the destiny of Rome will turn on which of their commanders is the mightiest and most cunning Marking the authors triumphant return to the setting of his celebrated Emperor series, The Blood of Gods unfolds with unmatched power, electric with the high adventure storytelling, captivating historical detail, and stirring battle scenes for which Conn Iggulden is renowned.Praise for The Blood of Gods The seasoned Iggulden adeptly brings all the intrigue and action of the era vividly to life, maintaining a historically authentic backdrop as he fictionalizes Octavians evolution from callow youth to Augustus, the bold and fearless architect of a new chapter in Roman history.Booklist Iggulden does fine work in his deft character studies of the principals and their various motives for alternately stirring up civil war or defending a new empire in the borning With such strong and willful people, you just know a clash is inevitableand the best parts of this good novel are those of fierce battles such as Philippi, in scenes of oil and splinters and floating bodies Well paced and well written better than much historical fiction about the ancient world.Kirkus ReviewsIggulden plunges you into the full fury of the action and leaves you gasping for .The Northern Echo UK A clever and convincing narrative.The Sunday Times UK From the Hardcover edition....

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The Blood of Gods: A Novel of Rome (Emperor) Reviews

  • john mclaughlin
    2019-02-24 08:25

    Almost great conclusion to the story. It would have benefited from a more thorough coverage of the demise of Antony and Cleopatra but that probably would have required another volume. Engaging read; I'm sorry it's over. Particularly appreciate the author's explanation of his deviations from real history so I don't make an ass of myself on Jeopardy.

  • RG
    2019-01-25 12:37

    I have been a Conn Iggulden fan since he stated with Julius Caesar, which may be because I took for years of Latin in high school. This book deals with what happens after Julius Caesar was stabbed to death and is full of surprises and has characters well developed from what was written at the time about what happened. You have to remember that The Roman Empire at that time had good historians who wrote a lot and left a very complete record which Iggulden enlarges upon in his development of characters who actually lived.

  • Jez
    2019-02-21 09:24

    I have been hooked on the Emperor and Conqueror series since stumbling across a used paperback version of the Gates of Rome in 2004. Since then, I have pre-ordered all the novels and devoured them within a few days of release.

  • Charles Ferreira
    2019-02-07 07:40

    A good place to start if you are interested in the life of Caesar Augustus. This may be a work of fiction but Conn Iggulden always does his research. This is probably a good approximation of the facts. The book starts with Julius Caesar's death and ends with the death of his assassins in the battle at Philipi. The story follows Octavian (Augustus) and his great friends Maecenas and Agrippa as they seek to avenge the death of Caesar and to gain the inheritance of Octavian. It's a memorable story of the teenager who becomes the Emperor. If you were reluctant to read a book on this period because you were concerned it might be boring or stodgy this is a good place to start. Iggulden brings life to the characters in a way that does justice to the facts and keeps up the interest level. Since the book ends at the Battle of Philipi we can expect Iggulden to further explore the rise and reign of Augustus in at least one more book.

  • D. Lewis
    2019-02-21 08:39

    The only flaw I have with this book is if it truly was the fifth book in a series. Octavian should not have changed from a trusted general to an unknown young man. Or he should have been left out of the first four books. Other than that wonderful

  • Richard  Osborne
    2019-02-16 12:35

    It was refreshing to get another perspective on the aftermath of the murder of Caesar. Octavius was not really as bad as portrayed in the Movie Cleopatra, and actually went on to become great. Mark Anthony on the other hand was not the sparkling hero depicted in the movie. Conn Iggulden has once again written a fantastic historical novel. Read it and enjoy. More educational than what you could ever hope to get from our public school system.

  • ZoeCat
    2019-02-16 07:47

    This is one great storyteller, held my interest from start to finish.

  • J. Kane
    2019-02-20 14:40

    I was at first disappointed that Conn Iggulden went back to the Emperor series after the Kahn series because I was looking forward to seeing what new time period and significant historical figure he was going to tackle next. Also, since it had been so long since he left the Emperor series I felt that it was too long a lapse to go back. However, as soon as I started the book, I was once again hooked. Conn immediately transports you back to the time and you start to get lost in ancient Rome, just as you did with the first Emperor series. If you liked the first five or so books from the Emperor series, I promise you will not be disappointed with the latest.