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A blistering novel of violence and deliverance set against the mythic backdrop of the Mississippi DeltaThe acres and acres of fertile soil, the two hundred year old antebellum house, all gone And so is the woman who gave it to Jack, the foster mother only days away from dying, her mind eroded by dementia, the family legacy she entrusted to Jack now owned by banks and strangers And Jack s mind has begun to fail, too The decades of bare knuckle fighting are now taking their toll, as concussion after concussion forces him to carry around a stash of illegal painkillers and a notebook of names that separates friend from foe But in a single twisted night, Jack loses his chance to win it all back Hijacked by a sleazy gambler out to settle a score, Jack is robbed of the money that will clear his debt with Big Momma Sweet the queen of Delta vice, whose deep backwoods playground offers sin to all those willing to pay and open a path that could lead him back home Yet this sudden reversal of fortunes introduces an unlikely savior in the form of a sultry, tattooed carnival worker Guided by what she calls her church of coincidence, Annette pushes Jack toward redemption, only to discover that the world of Big Momma Sweet is filled with savage danger.Damaged by regret, crippled by twenty five years of fists and elbows, heartbroken by his own betrayals, Jack is forced to step into the fighting pit one last time, the stakes nothing less than life or death With the raw power and poetry of a young Larry Brown and the mysticism of Cormac McCarthy, Michael Farris Smith cements his place as one of the finest writers in the American literary landscape....

Title : The Fighter
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ISBN : 0316432342
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Little, Brown and Company 1st edition March 20, 2018
Number of Pages : 256 pages
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The Fighter Reviews

  • mary ann ogorman
    2019-04-11 10:36

    The Fighter takes the reader into the life of a man suffering memory loss (every writer's nightmare) as he negotiates his way through a pretty tough crowd of people as he tries to complete one final task for the woman who raised him. Smith captures the parts of Mississippi and the rural south that most of us only see from highway interchanges. Less dystopian and more just straight up dark, The Fighter still has glimmers of hope for human connection and attachment even in the worst circumstances.

  • Mjr
    2019-03-28 10:17

    It took me awhile to get into this book, but I did enjoy it. It gets interesting once it all comes together.

  • The Elf in the Kitchen
    2019-03-30 14:34

    Just finished The Fighter...I do believe that in all my history or Kindleness, this is the first time I have ever highlighted an entire book. That either says a whole lot about the writing genius of Michael Farris Smith or about my complete incapacity for genius discernment. Odds are 7-1 on Mr. Smith. You can get detailed reviews from others, what you get from The Elf is the visceral.

  • Debra Cohen @openbookpost
    2019-04-19 13:19

    No one writes desperation quite like Michael Farris Smith. He writes characters who have given all they can possibly give, who have their back against the wall, who have a hard life, who don't have any steam left, who have already dug down deep into their souls for that last bit of strength...he writes about survivors, the downtrodden, the damaged and the fighters. He writes about pain, both physical and emotional. It all so very sad and yet beautiful at the same time. He is a gifted writer who draws you into his characters bleak world and shows you that last little bit of light they still have burning deep down inside of them.

  • Susanne S.
    2019-04-03 09:24

    4 Stars.