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Sun Ra, a.k.a Herman Poole Sonny Blount 19141993 , has been hailed as one of the great big band leaders, pianists, and surrealists of jazz New York Times and as the missing link between Duke Ellington and Public Enemy Rolling Stone Composer, keyboardist, bandleader, philosopher, poet, and self proclaimed extraterrestrial from Saturn, Sun Ra led his Intergalactic Arkestra of thirty plus musicians in a career that ranged from boogie woogie and swing to be bop, free jazz, fusion, and New Age music This definitive biography reveals the life, philosophy, and musical growth of one of the twentieth century s greatest avant garde musicians....

Title : Space Is The Place: The Lives And Times Of Sun Ra
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ISBN : 0306808552
Format Type : Paperback
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Publisher : Da Capo Press 1st Da Capo Press ed edition August 22, 1998
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Space Is The Place: The Lives And Times Of Sun Ra Reviews

  • Anthony J Parks Jr
    2019-03-17 18:52

    I've not had an easy year. Extreme stress, trauma, working constantly, moving back and forth across the country, and repairing several addictions. It made me put down my guitar, my synthesizer, microphones. I picked up this book out of curiosity, having listened to compilations of the Arkestra's recordings over the years and seeing time and again my favorite musicians cite Sun Ra as a major influence. I started reading through it and fell in love with music itself all over again, reconnecting with that cosmic spiritual power it has over my being. I've started writing and composing feverishly again, putting aside anything that gets in the way of the music. As far as the book goes, it does a great job painting the scene with little details and keeping in mind the historical context. Szwed explicates some of the more mystifying ideas and places them in a social and racial context. It's safe to say I now 'get' Sun Ra's mantra 'Space Is The Place': the vastness of the cosmos, the possibilities for new feelings, new sounds, is where humanity needs to look to in order to grow and exceed the bounds of its manifold limitations. This book in no way proselytizes Sun Ra's ideology but spells it out for the curious in the context of his life story. Highly recommended.

  • Mark S. Williams
    2019-02-19 16:12

    Space Is The Place is John F. Szwed's remarkably well-researched biography of Sun Ra. Speaking as a professional jazz musician, I appreciated the compelling insights into the creative processes behind Sun Ra's innovations in sound. The book also presents a thorough exposition of Sun Ra's life philosophy, one that was informed by works stretching back thousands of years. Sun Ra was so disciplined and principled, he served time and suffered contempt from the community and his family for being a conscientious objector during the Second World War. Sun Ra was truly a unique individual, and John Szwed's book is as unique as its subject.

  • Thomas M. Galla
    2019-02-16 20:15

    The author of this book was most successful in conveying the feeling of inspiration which fuels the artistry in Sun Ra's music. He documented Sun Ra's life in a very multi-dimensional way. I have listened to about 8 of Sun Ra's recordings so far. This has been over about a ten year period. I am not a musician, so I don't relate to Sun Ra's music in that way. I do relate to it in terms of the spiritual inspiration and information by intuiting the sounds that arise when he transmits his vision of the cosmos. This whole book was a very delectable journey for me into the realms of my own past as Sun Ra's journey unfolded during some of those same years. We are all the recipients of his wisdom and the splendid variety of sounds he left as his legacy. This book is a welcome testament to his influence on the planet. After reading this book it was apparent to me that Sun Ra, besides being a genius of a musician and hands down the most creative synthesizer player I've ever heard, was also a spiritual trailblazer who channeled the higher aspects of his being in a most marvelous and inspirational way.

  • Best Of All
    2019-02-28 13:17

    Sun Ra has remained one of the most misunderstood musicians of our time. And in the case of many music geniuses, Sun Ra would keep the critics and fans at arm's length, but welcome musicians into his world of philosophy and art.

  • A. Sykora
    2019-03-04 19:05

    We learn of Ra's life & of Birmingham & Chicago. I haven't finished it yet but I believe we might read all books about Ra. He seemed to read every book he could find.

  • someguy
    2019-02-20 18:05

    Great detail, fascinating.

  • Amy
    2019-03-09 13:14

    The book was in perfect condition when it arrived.